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Michele Cagan HeadshotLike every other single mom, I’m busy all the time.

That’s why this website doesn’t look pretty and polished – if I can only get one thing done, it needs to be helpful information rather than a funky font and a fancy logo.

Right now, I’m dedicated to giving you what you need… real life advice on how to handle the unique financial issues we single moms face. We’ll get around to making the site look nicer when we can.

But, for now, please overlook the appearance, take advantage of the free content, and let me know what topics are most important to you.

Together, we can achieve the financial freedom to take care of our kids – and ourselves – without constantly worrying about money.

Accounting 101 Michele Cagan

NEW RELEASE: Accounting 101

Hey Single Moms! My new book, Accounting 101, is officially for sale online and in bookstores. Now before you start snoring, I promise you this book will impact YOUR life – you do more accounting than you think! Whether you shop online, have a family budget, save for your kids’ college tuition, run a small business, or want to be an accountant (a great and in-demand career), Accounting 101 has something in it for you.

Click the cover to order on Amazon now! (Note: This is an Amazon affiliate link and I may receive a small commission for purchases made through this link.)

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